240p 120Hz MiSTer FPGA PC VGA CRT Settings / Guide / How To Get Best Video Settings for 31kHz CRT

0:00 Intro
0:28 Scan-doubling
1:44 Scan-doubling w 25% CRT FX
2:26 Scan-doubling w 50% CRT FX
3:20 Scan-doubling w 75% CRT FX
3:45 PC CRT screen pot adjustment
4:07 VGA Scaling
6:18 240p 120Hz custom modeline Settings
9:04 240p 120Hz Gameplay Daimakaimura
10:53 240p 120Hz Gameplay NES Castlevania
11:29 240p 120Hz Gameplay SNES Donkey Kong Country
12:43 240p 120Hz Gameplay Neo Geo Metal Slug
14:22 240p 120Hz Gameplay Arcade Street Fighter II
15:55 240p 120Hz Gameplay Sega CD Sonic CD

In this video I go over the 3 main ways to output MiSTer FPGA video signal to a 31kHz PC VGA CRT monitor / display.
I cover forced scandoubler , VGA scaling, and custom modelines to achieve 240p@120Hz on the PC VGA CRT. The results are impressive!
I also cover the pros and cons of each method.
*These methods are tested using the analog i/o addon board*

240p 120Hz settings….

Video Mode= 2048,40,442,200,240,3,10,8,85909
VGA Scaler= 1
Vscale= 1
Vsync= 0

**This seems to be a highly debated topic** LOL

I say try 240p 120Hz on a PC CRT for yourself and dont just negate this option by all the negative “nasty motion blur” comments.
I understand going from 60Hz to 120Hz is doubling each frame and technically creating a strobing motion artifact…….
Do I see it or does it bother me?…… No

I think alot of people are just parroting that it will look like crap and havent tried it on MiSTer with these settings, cause thats exactly what I was doing just a few days ago before I tried it. Maybe youve tried it in the past on retroarch on PC and maybe didnt have integer scaling on which caused issues.

Everyone is saying the motion blur artifact or double frame strobe affect cannot be seen in recorded video
I can definitely see something in this video here that I took….

Maybe its not the actual strobing/blur artifact of doubling 60Hz to 120Hz seen in the recorded video but you can definitely see the negative motion artifact represented.

So in this comparison video of MiSTer on a PC CRT at 240p 120Hz and a supergrafx running the same content on a 15kHz consumer CRT in the same room ,same conditions,same camera…..
Any motion artifacts caught in the recording are on par with eachother…

Now I understand a camera capturing at 60fps is not going to resolve an issue of every frame being drawn twice in 120Hz on the PC CRT but to my eyes its nothing I notice or am bothered by.
May it bother some…. Sure!
I dont wear glasses and have perfect vision and am even susceptible to seeing studder in VR if fps drop under 90.

Im just saying dont brush this option off due to all the negative comments without seeing for yourself because thats what I did for the longest and now its the only way I will play mister on a PC CRT.

Is it the “end all be all” way to play mister……? probably not. Im very picky with input lag and there is a small amount present…..
But after trying all the other video mode options on a PC CRT this is by far the best tradeoff and looks amazing!!!…..to me

When I think of a CRT I think of that nice phosphor “crt glow” and every other option on a PC CRT with scanlines dimmed the screen too much to the point that I would rather play on my 4k lcd in 5x scaling or on one of my consumer 15kHz crt tv’s but once I tried 240p 120Hz on this PC 31kHz CRT…. Its easily the best image ive seen yet out of the mister or on any crt for that matter so if I was stuck with a PC CRT as the only CRT I owned, I would be playing in this 120Hz mode and be completely happy.
Maybe you wont agree but I scoffed at this option as well just a few days ago untill I actually tried it.
Everybody has preferences and opinions, All I can say is try it and see what you think.
Try it and see if you are bothered by any blurring artifact, for me….not at all

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