Mise à jour MiSTer et changelog du 2022-07-02 15:43:19

Games affected by fixes:
Tetris with Card Captor Sakura, Casper, Tomba 2, Elementan Gearbolt, Robbit mon dieu(Jumping Flash 3), Akuji the Heartless, Gex2+3,
Evil Dead – Hail to the King, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Reel fishing, Persona 2, Aquanaut no Kyuujitsu 2, Gunbird, Crash Team Racing

All changes:
– Hack for PAL games to run at 60Hz without being cut off vertically (up to 256 pixels height)
– add horizontal crop option
– Rename Datacache option to Turbo. It activates Data Cache now as well as fast GTE commands
– add mapable pause and dualshock modeswitch buttons
– revert exp1 bus response to 0xFFFFFFFF
– Convert to new status bit addressing (birdybro)
– GTE timing fixed
– fix operand forwarding when executing load to reg and load to gte in a row
– add dotclock timer
– fix gpu pausing for DDR3 -> fixes random crash when saving memcard to sdcard
– fix commands for Pocketstation SNAC (blue1)
– adjust async video out pixel divider reset at line start
– SPU: ignore repeat address writeback from voice channel if repeat address was written from CPU after first block of voice has been completed
– CD: ignore doubled CD command in special circumstances
– GPU: never read more than 1024 pixels from VRAM
– GPU: don’t forcefully fetch full lines from VRAM when rendering transparent horizontal lines
– remove memcard for about 1 second when swapping to another card
– reset internal memcard status when card is removed
– CD: don’t skip existing seek delay, e.g. from softreset, when executing new seek
– CD: add seek time when executing softreset
– fix transparency mode 0

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