MiSTer FPGA – Crossbow / Atari 7800 [Phaser/SNAC]

For this video I was able to try something special with the new Atari 7800 core: SMS Phaser light gun support. Because the system sold so poorly, the peripherals are difficult to acquire and the original XG-1 light gun was never sold standalone. For this reason, Kitrinx added support in the core for the Sega Light Phaser, a very accurate and well made light gun for the Sega Master System. I found the accuracy and performance to be very good in the 7800 core with the Phaser.

As for the game itself, this is actually my favorite light gun game on the system. Mainly because it is unique, having an adventure type structure where you protect the heroes along the journey and choose their path through the stages. There is also a similar element to the Sega arcade classic “Gain Ground”, where you can get another character to join in your party if you clear certain stages. The dev who made this, Exidy, also made the controversial 80’s light gun game “Chiller”. This is a much better game, though shares a similar ‘shooting gallery’ feel in the structure, and requires you to shoot for a specific path, or for certain items (in Chiller’s case) to see the final/bonus screens.

If you watch to the end, you can see what is perhaps the only recorded double-KO of this game, where I die at the end yet somehow kill the boss at the same time. I made the mistake of going the wrong way and heading through one of the most dangerous areas in the game twice- the ice stage. If I hadn’t done that, the double-KO at the end probably wouldn’t have happened. An interesting silver lining of sorts for having to go through that awful area twice.

From all accounts I’ve seen about this game’s poor accuracy with the original light gun peripheral, it would seem that the combination of the MiSTer 7800 core + Phaser is more accurate than the original console + XG-1 light gun.

Our new Atari 7800 core came out of the gate with extreme accuracy thanks to Kitrinx/Rysha, who also maintains the NES core and has brought it to the near-perfect state it’s in today. Rysha is a dedicated MiSTer dev who has been a constant advocate for proper preservation. I’ve never met a person so excited about making old hardware obsolete, and we are lucky to have someone with this talent and drive working with the project so closely.

Note: I’m using 5x integer scaling in this video to fill the screen better. From what I’ve seen, this works great with pretty much every game on the system.

Atari 7800 core 04-17-2021 build – Crossbow

Filter: Scanlines(Bright)110_85_soft // Gamma: 2.4 // Color Temp: Warm

Played using a Sega Light Phaser (SMS) via SNAC. ~4ft distance from a 24″ consumer Trinitron.
S.N.A.C. (Serial Native Accessory Converter) used for zero-latency light gun support.

Settings: 5x Integer Scaled to 1080p // HDMI to Datapath e1s capture card

00:00 – Boot/Settings
00:42 – Full Game (double-KO ending)

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/WalrusFPGA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WalrusFPGA


None of this would be possible without the constant hard work of Sorgelig. It cannot be overstated how much he has done and continues to do for this project, since its beginning. You can support him either at his Patreon in the link below, or on Paypal, depending on your preference. MiSTer is a paradigm shift in how we can experience these classic games. This is a long-term preservation project that will continue to grow so that gamers today and in the future can experience these excellent systems as accurately and lag-free as possible. Donating what you can will help keep the updates coming. Thank you.

Patreon: https://patreon.com/FPGAMiSTer

PayPal: https://paypal.me/FPGAMiSTer

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Sorgelig and am only sharing these links as a fan of the project who wishes to see it continue to grow rapidly.


Github link for this core: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Atari7800_MiSTer

MiSTer Forum/Wiki/Github (source, guides and info): http://MiSTerFPGA.org

Official MiSTer Discord for live chat/help: https://discord.gg/4xKVg4XVYn
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Worldwide list of sellers for MiSTer expansion boards: https://misterfpga.org/viewforum.php?f=34&sid=74e1c5e7dae1b99284789d93194cfa0b

I have personally ordered all my parts from https://www.MiSTerAddons.com and have been 100% satisfied with the quality and service there. (North American seller. If in a different region, check list linked above for best local shipping rates.)


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