MiSTer FPGA DE-10 Nano! NEC SuperGrafx Core Review and Setup Guide! The PC Engine EXPANDED!

Sure the MiSTer DE-10 NANO FPGA can do PC Engine and PC-Engine CD / TurboGrafx games…but it can ALSO run all the SuperGrafx games…which is amazing considering the SuperGrafx hardware and software has spiked in price like the rest of retrogaming! So let’s see how good of a job MiSTer does with the NEC SuperGrafx!

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I asked, you answered…and I try to listen 🙂 Of all the requests for new content on the channel one of the most frequently asked for videos is a series on the Terasic DE-10 Nano MiSTer FPGA hardware…so here it is!

On this episode of our MiSTer series we will be going over the PC Engine Core but more specifically JUST the SuperGrafx functionality that MiSTer provides. As the SuperGrafx only had five full games for it over its short lifespan and the hardware and software are not ridiculously expensive…maybe MiSTer is the best way to play SuperGrafx games. Lets find out! Because retro gaming isn’t cheap especially when it comes to the SuperGrafx!

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