MiSTer FPGA – Space Gun / Sega Master System [Phaser/SNAC]

I was going to include this game in my previous compilation video for “SMS Arcade-style Light Gun Games” ( https://youtu.be/B7wTWdIgFs4 ), but it would have doubled the size of the video so I made it separate, and kind of forgot about it for 4 months. Whoops!

Space Gun is an arcade port from a pretty graphically impressive game, and Taito certainly pushed the SMS to its limits with this late entry in the console’s lifecycle. Unfortunately, the ambition on Taito’s part left this game in a rather odd state, with the whole thing moving at a glacial pace and becoming very monotonous rather quickly. The visual presentation suffers from extremely choppy “animation” in order to fit in all of these higher quality assets, and it hinders the overall experience as a result.

There are some cool elements here though, like being able to select from multiple paths at parts, and the inclusion of multiple endings. I cant help but imagine that this game would be much better if they left all of that out, and focused on a stronger linear experience for the console version. That could have given much more breathing room for additional animation frames, etc.

Never got a chance to play this one in arcades, but after seeing a video of the original, am hopeful we will get a MiSTer core for that one day as well. Proper arcade light gun games will be an awesome addition.

Using SNAC (Serial Native Accessory Converter) for zero latency light gun support. Phaser is ~3ft from my 24 inch Trinitron.

SMS core 08-19-2020 – Space Gun

Filter: Scanlines(Bright)110_85_Soft // Gamma: Off // Border: On

Using Sega Light Phaser via SNAC

Settings: Integer Scaled to 1080p / HDMI to Datapath e1s capture card

00:00 – Settings
00:34 – Title / Intro
01:35 – Gameplay

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/WalrusFPGA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WalrusFPGA


None of this would be possible without the constant hard work of Sorgelig. It cannot be overstated how much he has done and continues to do for this project, since its beginning. You can support him either at his Patreon in the link below, or on Paypal, depending on your preference. MiSTer is a paradigm shift in how we can experience these classic games. This is a long-term preservation project that will continue to grow so that gamers today and in the future can experience these excellent systems as accurately and lag-free as possible. Donating what you can will help keep the updates coming. Thank you.

Patreon: https://patreon.com/FPGAMiSTer

PayPal: https://paypal.me/FPGAMiSTer

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Sorgelig and am only sharing these links as a fan of the project who wishes to see it continue to grow rapidly.


SmokeMonster’s overview video of this core: https://youtu.be/CN3fe7EI0sA

Github link for this core: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/SMS_MiSTer

MiSTer Forum/Wiki/Github (source, guides and info): http://MiSTerFPGA.org

Official MiSTer Discord for live chat/help: https://discord.gg/4xKVg4XVYn​
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Worldwide list of sellers for MiSTer expansion boards: https://misterfpga.org/viewforum.php?f=34&sid=74e1c5e7dae1b99284789d93194cfa0b

I have personally ordered all my parts from https://www.MiSTerAddons.com and have been 100% satisfied with the quality and service there. (North American seller. If in a different region, check list linked above for best local shipping rates.)


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