MiSTer FPGA UPDATE ALL; Script Installation and Setup Process + Overview

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I asked, you answered…and I try to listen 🙂 Of all the requests for new content on the channel one of the most frequently asked for videos is a series on the Terasic DE-10 Nano MiSTer FPGA hardware…so here it is!

It’s an amazing piece of FPGA hardware that is a must own for any retro gaming enthusiast or arcade gaming fan. It runs everything from Neo Geo to Sega Genesis to Super Nintendo to the NES to Gameboy Advance to the original Gameboy to the Capcom CPS hardware to probably your toaster and maybe pacemaker too?

In this video I will show you how to add new scripts to the MiSTer FPGA board and how to run said scripts; I will be focusing on the “Update All” script which downloads a ton of additional cores to your MiSTer that don’t get added with the stock Update Script. Stuff like beta cores and additional arcade cores + all the publicly released Jotego MiSTer cores like the Capcom CP system cores (and maybe by the time this video goes live the CPS II stuff!)


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