MiSTer FPGA: Windows 95 Install

Here’s how to install Windows 95 on the AO486 core for MiSTer.

**Useful Links**
How to create a VHD:

CDROM Driver (Courtesy of Phil’s Computer Lab): [https://github.com/lutechsource/AO486Files/raw/main/Win95/CDROM.IMG](https://github.com/lutechsource/AO486Files/raw/main/Win95/CDROM.IMG)
Video Driver (Courtesy of AO486 Github):[https://github.com/lutechsource/AO486Files/raw/main/Win95/Mister Win95 Video Driver.IMG](https://github.com/lutechsource/AO486Files/raw/main/Win95/Mister%20Win95%20Video%20Driver.IMG)

I got some drivers from here:

Source to solution to fix loading freeze in Windows 95 setup:

0:00 Intro
0:18 Caveats
0:59 Requirements
2:25 Setting FM mode for Sound Blaster 16 support
2:57 Mounting Installation media and VHD’s
3:45 Partition and format VHD to allow Win95 installation
6:14 Begin Installation
9:22 Installation Freeze fix
13:19 Install Video Driver
15:44 CD-ROM Driver Install
19:22 Testing Software
25:38 Final Thoughts


MS-DOS 6.22 Box art obtained from: [https://microsoft.fandom.com/](https://microsoft.fandom.com/)
Windows 95 logo:[https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/Microsoft_Windows/Logo_Variations?file=Windows_95_stacked_logo.svg](https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/Microsoft_Windows/Logo_Variations?file=Windows_95_stacked_logo.svg)

I also use images from WikiCommons user Evan Amos. He takes high quality photos of consoles and accessories and puts them in the public domain. Even though they are public domain, I still want to give credit for his hard work.



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