MiSTer FPGA Full Kit DE10-Nano MiSTer vers JAMMA/JVS

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product information:

MiSTer JAMMA/JVS Expander (include DE10-nano main board and 128MB SDRAM and 32GB SD card)|

product description:

The price includes:

1) MiSTer FPGA ➕ 128MB SDRAM

2) jamma/jvs to mister usb

3) jamma to DB15 snac expansion board.

4) Free 32GB sd card full of games, the game includes cps1/1.5/2/3, neogeo, fc, md, sfc, pce complete works, you can use it directly.

Instructions for use:

1) JAMMA power supply, no other way of additional power supply is required.

2) All-in-one card eats JVS/JAMMA frame and connects MiSTer.

Support MiSTer FPGA access to all JVS arcade frames:

Support for Sega nc, nnc.

Support vewlix.

Support SEGA, NAMCO, TAITO and other arcade machines controlled by jvs io.

3) At the same time, it also supports the transfer of all JAMMA interface arcade machines to MiSTer, and the video gain can be adjusted.

Operating mode:

Mode 1: JAMMA/JVS connected to two Xinput handles is recognized by MiSTer.

Mode 2: Cooperate with SNAC DB15 expansion board, JAMMA is transferred to SNAC DB15 to directly control the FPGA game core, with zero delay, exactly the same as the base board, providing RBF core firmware that supports DB15 mode and firmware that supports setting DB15 mode.

The 4.5.6 key extension interface of 1p2p is introduced.

JVS protocol decoding and Xinput handles are implemented with 32-bit processor high-performance chips.

Add the integrated SNAC DB15 mode to directly input the FPGA game core, scan the button 2 million times per second, zero delay, exactly the same as the substrate.

Function realization:

The following functions can be completed to sweep all JVS/JAMMA arcades:

DB15 mode:


USB mode:

JAMMA to USB Xinput

JVS to USB Xinput

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Full kit

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